I am one of those creative types who loves finding adventure in life.  I do a bit of songwriting, but more collaborating, supporting other songwriters, and leading worship.  I play several instruments and would love to learn more.  I love jam sessions, geeking out over new music, and finding ways to be innovative & inspiring as a musician and creative person.

Speaking of being a creative person… I also dabble in photography, layout & design, DIY crafts, beautiful desserts, and other artistic pursuits like mutilating flowers for the sake of art.  If there’s an artistic expression I haven’t tried yet, I probably want to.  I am involved at a local art studio called Ex Creatis (now called Saddleback Visual Arts).  If you live in Orange County, you should check it out on Thursday nights!

Outside of the creative world, I do things like kayaking, biking, smothering my nieces and nephews with love, travel, attend church, manage my addiction to Diet Coke, watch too many tv show episodes on Netflix at once, plan road trips, and hang out with my incredibly wonderful friends.

Born and raised in Indiana, I made the move to California in 2011 for a ministry position at Saddleback Church.  After getting laid off in 2013, I have since been on a journey of patiently waiting for God to bring me into my next season of full-time ministry.  Currently I work a 8-5 job as a Payroll Administrator and I am thankful for God’s provision!  I also am a contracted worship leader for Saddleback’s campus in Dana Point, California…  I love that I still get to do what I love at a church that I love!

This blog is a glimpse into my little world as a writer.  Usually when I write, I am sitting at a piano or I have a guitar in my hands.  But occasionally I sit down at my computer to write about life without the distraction of music.  My main goal in having this blog is to challenge myself to think and express myself in a new way.  I write about a little bit of everything, but you’ll find that a large focus is on faith, music, and travel.

Thanks for stopping by!  Glad you came.




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